CPS 100

Chapter Quiz 1 What do you call the connection between a person and a machine? 2 Which computer interface was NOT used in the past? 3 What is the goal of a UI? 4 MS-DOS was an example of... 5 What was one of the first popular GUI computers? 6 What is a graphic element designed to resemble a human tool or experience? 7 What do you call a touchscreen which can detect several fingers at the same time? 8 Which GUI element suggests a starting place for work? 9 There is a strip along the bottom of the Windows interface which goes from side to side; what do we call it? 10 At the bottom of the Windows interface, you can see many program icons. What are these called? 11 At the bottom right of the Windows interface, there is an area which includes a clock, calendar, volume control, and network status. What is this area called? 12 What do you see after you select 'Open' or 'Save As'?